Tweens & Teens

Ah! The tween (in-between child and teen) and teen years! It is at this stage of your child’s development that many people say parents need all the help they can get. And with new technology in the mix, it can be a challenging time.

The teen years provide another obvious point to update. Teens will want to update their bedrooms from furniture through to the bed linen. Maybe even repainting and new decor – the old fairy, dinosaur or car theme has to go! With kids staying at home longer than previous generations, parents know they’ll be getting good value from any redecorating.

For teens that need more space, Bunkers offers a range of options with loft beds now available in double and queen size, allowing room for a desk and storage underneath. A loft bed could save you up to 3m2 of floor space.

Out of the Cot report their bed and furniture combinations are being increasingly sought by tweens and teens to accommodate the need for sleep and leisure within their bedrooms.

Have a browse through this section of Kids Galaxy for products and services to help tweens survive and prosper through the teen years.

Teens often experience a huge range of firsts, from first jobs, cars and everything in between. St John will help increase parents’ peace of mind with their range of first aid courses – essential for any young driver.

For teens of all ages, getting a good night’s sleep is essential for optimum development, learning and the happiness of the rest of the family household. According to The Paediatric Sleep Clinic, up to 80% of teenagers could be experiencing sleep problems.

And for teens with additional needs, Novita introduces their fun and interactive TeenZone after school and vacation care programs.

For tweens and teens, it’s time to stretch their wings so look forward to exciting and sometimes testing times while encouraging their independence.