Tuition, Kids Activities & Youth Organisations

Expand your child’s curiosity . . .  On course for fun . . . Learning curves . . .

From music for littlies or big kids, to participating in community bands, to art and creative crafts, to performing arts and dance; from languages to literacy, from chess to youth organisations, as well as and sporting and physical pursuits – there is an array of activities to suit your child.

With any curious and developing child, extra curricular activities for preschoolers and school aged children are popular. Older kids and teens also enjoy the challenge of improving their skills and the social and personal development aspects from organised activities and youth organisations.

Extra curricular activities for teens help assist in the transition from school to post school life as they can provide continuity in one part of their life. Extra curricular activities can be important outlets for children to have fun and exercise creativity and may develop into lifelong hobbies or pastimes.  If the activity is especially engaging, a passion might develop into a rewarding and fulfilling career path. There is a huge range of options to choose from.

To help you find what you are looking for, Kids Galaxy has collected a selection of SA’s best tuition, activities and youth organisations and arranged them into categories. Enjoy browsing what’s out there. Why not try something new?