Recycling in Adelaide & South Australia

Donating Material Goods
Anglicare     8305 9200
18 King William Rd    North Adelaide

Goodwill    8202 5070

Part of Uniting Care Wesley

Red Cross SA    8100 4500

207-217 Wakefield St    Adelaide

Salvation Army SA    13 72 58

Div HQ, 39 Florence St, Fullarton    8408 6900

Save the Children     1800 76 00 11

St Vincent de Paul Society     8112 8777

Toy Libraries Association of SA    0410 590 047

101 Goodwood Rd    Goodwood
Full list of Toy Libraries can be found on page 116.
Centres may take toys, games and puzzles as long as they are in good condition with no missing or hazardous pieces.

Women’s & Children’s Hospital (waiting rooms)
72 King William Rd, North Adelaide    8161 6173
May accept toys, games and puzzles as long as
they are in good condition with no missing or hazardous pieces.

Recycling in Adelaide & South Australia

Be Clutter Free by Giving Back

With each child’s developmental stage, is usually the need to sort and clear no longer needed items. Often the best way to do this is by recycling.
Kids Galaxy shares insights on what to do with baby and kids items when they have been outgrown or not used anymore. Why not donate or sell your no longer needed items for other families to use.
• Donate material goods to charity shops such as Goodwill, Salvation Army, St Vincent DePaul, Anglicare, Red Cross and Save the Children to name a few.  Websites outline their donation guidelines and if in doubt, contact the charities directly if you have large items (baby or kids bedroom furniture for example) to donate.  Larger items can sometimes be picked up from your address. It is also best to check what can or can’t be donated.  Often charity bins are overloaded so it may be wise to drop off donations during shop hours.

• Donations of toys, puzzles, books, etc. can be given to toy libraries, hospitals, GPs & specialist’s rooms.  Also check with your local childcare centre or kindy if items are needed.
• The centres from time to time may have a surplus of items.  If that is the case they may raise funds from selling the donated items and the proceeds will benefit the centre you have donated to.
• With donating, clothes and items need to be clean and in good condition.  Toys should be clean and complete with no missing or hazardous pieces.
• Sell on consignment in second-hand babygoods stores.
• Sell in newspaper classifieds or online sites.
•  Have a garage sale and get the kids involved.