Kids Galaxy website features a “MY LIST” tool so you can research and keep a list of what you’ve found. When you see a listing that appeals, simply click on the “ADD TO MY LIST” button in that listing to have that organisation added to your MY LIST at the top right of the screen. No login required. You can add as many organisations as you like. Just click the red cross next to a listing in your MY LIST to remove a listing from your MY LIST. To hide your MY LIST, simply click on the MY LIST button at the top of your list. To open your list again, click again on the MY LIST button. Your MY LIST is saved while you are within the Kids Galaxy site. When you leave the Kids Galaxy site your list is not saved. Want to keep your MY LIST research? When your list is complete, you can email it to yourself, your friends or whoever or post it to your Facebook page. Clear the list and start again to create a new list if you need multiple lists.

Using the Site

Find what you need your way.

All Kids Galaxy content is arranged into categories. Browse the categories to see all listings for that category and discover everything for Kids in Adelaide and South Australia. Subcategories enable you to focus on a particular topic.

Or use the Search page for specific needs. Enter whole or part words in one or more of the search fields and press the SUBMIT button to view your search results. Searches are based on “AND” criteria. So a search on “baby” in the Organisation Name field and “Unley” in the Suburb/Town field will bring up all the organisations with “baby” or “Baby” in their organisation name AND “Unley” as their location. Searches are NOT case sensitive.

The first level page of listings provides only brief details for each organisation. Click on the “VIEW” button to view the organisation page for more details about that organisation.