Family Holidays

Holiday heaven  . . . Travelling with kids . . .

Where was your last family holiday? What child hasn’t returned from vacation and faced the topic ‘what did I do in the school holidays?’

Every family needs a break to refresh and recharge. Some families are into action and adventure, while others are looking to relax. Whatever the family budget – Kids Galaxy has your family holiday plannning covered.

Travelling with children is a specialised area and attention to details can make all the difference between a good family holiday and a great holiday.

For local holidays, we’ve included the details for all the accredited Visitor Information Centres in SA as a starting point.

While Escape Travel provides some thoughtful starters for your next family holiday – remember the anticipation and planning is all part of the fun!

From the cheap and cheerful to the more traditional destinations, the strong Australian dollar has made international travel more affordable. Overseas travel can have an educational angle, from practicing language skills, viewing masterpieces and sightseeing the wonders of the world to putting it all in perspective and appreciating the benefits of growing up in Australia. Visiting relatives either across the globe or in our own backyard can also provide some additional travelling experiences throughout the journey.
Make happy family memories lasting memories with fun and adventure guaranteed on your next holiday!

Are we there yet?       Vacation celebration!

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