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In readiness for school, Kids Galaxy has your checklist covered. From uniform fittings to early learning, get a jump start on your child’s formative educational years.

Kip McGrath Education Centres offer face to face tutoring to children from pre-school through to year 12. Nothing inspires a Kip McGrath tutor more than a smile from a child who finally ‘gets it’! For young children, the Get Ready for School, Early Reading Program and Little Learners will give your child a head start. While for school age students the Reading Program, English and Maths programs will help them progress at their appropriate level. Students can also develop intelligence, thinking and reasoning skills using Kip McGrath’s fully computer-based Intelligence Development program.

Brandmode Retail is known as a ‘one stop school shop’. Their extensive range  includes school and sports footwear, eyewear, headwear and accessories.  Brandmode is a recognised professional fitter of school footwear.

The team pride themselves on delivering quality, hard wearing and perfectly fitted school shoes for students to wear comfortably 7 hours a day, 5 days a week. Brandmode stocks a large range of Clarks School Shoes which are available in the ‘Clarks Multi Width’ system.

Adelaide Tablets are specialists in helping you choose the right android tablet for your needs and budget for your child from toddlers and pre schoolers to school kids. Adelaide Tablets can also install products, set up parental controls and preload a range of recommended apps for your child’s age and interests. And at no extra charge. Adelaide Tablets can also advise and set up appropriate internet safety controls for your child. Kids are wizzes at technology, so let Adelaide Tablets help keep you a step ahead of the kids.

Enjoy watching your children thrive and grow!

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